Blue Morals

I wrote the post below many years ago, during my second year in the US. My language is much better now and so is my wiring, but I chose to leave the original language to inspire new immigrant and refugees. I hope they know that beautiful life is yet to come as they continue to adjust to their … More Blue Morals

Love Hunt in Iraq

It’s a beautiful, sunny day in Baghdad. Lina had spent the night at Mona’s house. They met during their first year in college. That was three years ago, and time in love had passed quickly. Lina was studying to become an engineer while Mona’s passion was French and Literature. It’s seven o’clock and the streets … More Love Hunt in Iraq

Without Goodbyes

The voices were loud, cries and shouts bursting, as the cooking smoke filled the air. It was a rather small house, yet women from near and far had managed to crowd into the salon as if they had come to weep for the son of God. At times, they sat tight as if their shoulders … More Without Goodbyes

Immigrant Roots

It takes years to train your mind to adjust to a new place. This February marked 7 years since I first came to the United States from Iraq. I arrived in Kentucky with a small bag of clothes, my sister’s belongings, and $200 dollars in my pocket. I didn’t know what I would be doing … More Immigrant Roots

About me

I began writing poetry at an early age, and was often sought by family, friends, and neighbours as their go-to storyteller. I parted with my writing for many years due to reasons beyond my control. (Wars, the loss of loved ones, and struggling as an outcast to stay alive are amongst the many reasons.) It wasn’t … More About me

In The Dark

After leaving Iraq, I wanted nothing to do with the country, with the region. I blocked all news from my life, albeit temporary. I couldn’t block my mind from traveling abroad. While it brings many tragic memories to mind, absorbing media, from and about the region, is now a daily ritual. After four years of … More In The Dark